2012 Yosemite Film Festival Award Winners

The Yosemite International Film Festival proudly congratulates the Winners of 2012 film and screenplay competitions.

2012 Yosemite International Festival Press Release

Grand Jury Award

The Ratio directed by Jordan Imhoff

Special Jury Prize

Fambul Tok directed by Sara Terry
Masque directed by Robert Hatch
Scavenger Hunt: An Unlikely Union directed by Matthew Podolsky and Eddie Chung
UNacceptable Levels directed by Edward Brown

Best Feature

The Freedom Chair directed by Mike Douglas

Best Animation

It's Such A Beautiful Day directed by Don Herzfeldt

Best Director

Harvest directed by John Beck

Best First-Time Director

The Free China Junk directed by Robin Greenberg

Best Documentary

California Forever: Parks For The Future directed by David Vassar

Best Documentary Short

Free Rider directed by Robert and Kathy Chrestensen

Best Educational Film

Geology of California, 4,500,000,000 Years in the Making directed by Reenie McMains

Best Environmental Film

From Nomad To Nobody directed by Michael Buckely

Best Foreign Film

IL Cacciatore Di Anatre directed by Egidio Veronesi

Best Music Video

Everything Like Always directed by Pete Leder

Best Television Pilot

Chord directed by Ryan Atimoyoo

Best California Film

Fairies and Faun Directed by Duilio Zaffaroni

Best Nature Film

The Next, Best West directed by Darren Campbell

Best Short Film

3113 Directed by Eric Demeusy

Best Student Film

The Illusion of Acting directed by Jacob Briggs

2012 Screenplay Competition Winners

Grand Prize Winners

  • 1st Place - "Time if the Jaguar" Written by Andrew Arthur
  • 2nd Place - "Getting The Business" Written by Halk Hakoblan
  • 3rd Place - "Fall From Grace" Written by Jodi Davis
  • 4th Place - "The Badminton Warrior" Written by Tom Radovich
  • 5th Place - "Roadside Crosses" Written by Solace Pineo

Short Screenplay Competition Winners

  • 1st Place - "Red Flags" Written by Sandra Bowes
  • 2nd Place - "She Will Be Mine" Written by Burleigh Smith
  • 3rd Place - "Transhumans" Written by Alex Sobol

Television Script Competition Winners

  • 1st Place - "Threeway" Written by SB Edwards
  • 2nd Place - "Sunset Fire" Written by A. Wayne Carter
  • 3rd Place - "Consenting Adults" Written by Ilse Rumes

Official Finalists

  • "Metacomet a.k.a. King Philip" Written by Richard Guimond
  • "Loveband" Written by Nicola Pedrozzi
  • "Shopping Mall Santa" Written by John Harris
  • "Out of the Wetlands" Written by Bruce Golde
  • "This Summer's Past" Written by Russel Burrows
  • "The Guilt" Written by Giovanni Merla

John Muir Award Winners

  • Animation Competition: Surviving Hunger
  • California Film Competition: San Francisco's Broken Promise
  • Documentary Film Competition: Green Fire
  • Environmental Film Competition: Tiger Dynasty
  • Feature Film Competition: LIKE THE WATER
  • Music Video Competition: Yeku Remixed
  • Short Film Competition: Last Wild Race
  • Student Film Competition: Jesus Was A Moonwalker, a documentary film
  • Television Pilot Competition: Nature's Journal

Silver Sierra Award Winners

  • Animation Competition: Jimmy Paul The Pug Tooth Fairy
  • California Film Competition: Tonatiuh, Father Sun
  • Documentary Film Competition: Age of Champions
  • Environmental Film Competition: Thailand Untapped: The Global Reach of Engineers Without Borders USA
  • Feature Film Competition: APPU PAPPU
  • Music Video Competition: My Brother's Keeper
  • Short Film Competition: Kangaroo Like Alice
  • Student Film Competition: PURR
  • Television Pilot Competition: Miami 3 oh 5

El Capitan Award Winners

  • Animation Competition: Wet and Wetter
  • California Film Competition: The Irrigationist
  • Documentary Film Competition: Just Do It: A Tale of Modern Day Outlaws
  • Environmental Film Competition: What's for Dinner?
  • Feature Film Competition: BOY
  • Music Video Competition: Forget About Me
  • Short Film Competition: Waterfall
  • Student Film Competition: Within
  • Television Pilot Competition: Chord